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Book cover design

Premade Book Covers


All covers are unique, exclusive, and created by me.

(© copyright registration at Copyright Index).

Every cover can be sold only once and will be removed after purchase.

I will customize and resize every cover and create a 3D image of your finished cover as a bonus. 

Do not settle with generic covers, your writing deserves better.


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What Clients Say

"The artist is really amazing!!

Her book covers are beautiful and one of a kind.

You will not find another artist like her.

The communication between a seller and a client was phenomenal.

I highly recommend her!"

- Dolly Nightmare


Basic Info

I will gladly make any changes before or after you make a purchase.

Simple changes (hair or eye color, etc.) are free.

Changes that require additional time and costs (additional item or model) will come with a small fee.

Mail me your: book title, pen name, additional text (if any), and also book format, and final page number (for paperback). 

I will gladly make all the changes and adjustments. If no information is provided in 24 hours, I will assume you would like the base image only to add your own text later and send it to you.

My goal is for you to be completely satisfied with the cover you have purchased.


Please credit me as a cover artist:

Cover Design: Adrijana Cernic

Please read the Q&A and Terms of Service

Feel free to contact me with any of your questions, concerns, or proposals. 

"It’s common knowledge by now that readers shop with their eyes.

They want a book they can be proud to hold on the subway or read on their e-reader.

So many books are published each year.

A good book design must communicate that the pages within are worth a reader’s time and attention."  (Meg Reid)



  Every cover is unique and made by me - © copyright registration at Copyright Index.

I use a lot of different techniques, images, textures, and brushes in my art.

Every cover can be sold only once and it will be removed from the site after purchase.


My covers are not generic. They are created with lots of love.

They are little art wrapped around your writing.


I try to build friendly relationships with my clients. I work closely with them while creating the cover they have in mind.

Every cover is very important to me. I want my clients to be involved in the whole process and to be happy with the book cover they choose or create with me.

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