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Book covers for you


Custom Book Covers


Be a part of the creative process from the beginning and participate in all decisions.


To create a concept for your cover I will need some information about the type of the book (fantasy, mystery, children, romance...), the theme of the cover (what would you like me to create on the cover, or a short description, or chapter from your book, reference images...). Reference images of similar covers are also welcome.

I might have a few follow-up questions or ask for certain details which will help me to get a better understanding of what you need. 

After the concept design is done, will send you to check it out and take your feedback until we get the concept in the right direction.

To be sure that I have all the necessary information, you can fill in Cover Question Form and send it to my email (not necessary).

Please read the Terms of Service for more info.


After we agree on a concept, I will send you an invoice for the deposit (100 USD).

The price of the custom cover starts at 300 USD including:

  • Original image without any text on it

  • Ebook cover: high-quality digital copy, RGB, 300 dpi resolution JPEG, PNG, and PDF files.

  • Paperback cover: high-quality printing copy, CMYK, 300 dpi resolution JPEG and PDF files.

  • Free promotional mockup.

The starting price is between 300 - 350 USD, depending on the details, and includes background and one character. Every other additional character is 50 USD. 

An additional print version (hardcover cover for another publisher, etc.), or a web version (Facebook banner, audiobook cover, etc.), is 30 USD.

Interior design based on the main image is 20 USD (full page b/w) or 30 USD for the interior design bundle (full page b/w, 2x half page b/w, and interior design mockup).

The second part of the payment is done before delivering the final files. 

Invoices and payments will be made via PayPal or Wise, whichever you prefer.

If you don't have either of those two accounts, we can discuss other payment options.

The payment can be made in USD or EUR.


I might email you with additional questions or ask for certain details if necessary, but there is nothing for you to do during this process so you can relax and wait for your cover.

Work process and before/after examples:

Song of Fate work process

Song of Fate work process

Play Video


Your cover image is finished and we can start working on the text and resizing. Major changes (eg. adding a new character) at this stage are possible but will come with extra costs regarding the original budget. Here is the part where you kick in and send me your title, pen name, blurb text, tag lines, etc.

If there is a font you particularly like, just let me know and I will get it. For final spine adjustments and resizing, I will need your page count.

It is time for the second part of the payment. It can be done before or after final resizing depending on when you want your files (resizing will be done anyway).

After the payment, files will be sent to you.

I would kindly ask you to credit me as a cover artist:

Cover Design: Adrijana Cernic


Even if your cover is done, and months and months are past, you can always contact me if you need any changes on your cover (resizing, text change, etc.). 

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