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The cover that is sold to you will be removed upon purchase.

My goal is for you to be completely satisfied with the cover you have purchsed.


Every cover purchase includes:

- original image without any text

- ebook cover

- paperback cover

- free 3D Mockups (ebook and paperback) as a BONUS.


Any additional print or audio version is $30.


​Please provide the upon the purchase:

- book title

- pen name

- tag-line or additional text (if any)


For the print:

- book format

- blurb

- final page count 


If no information is provided in 24 hours, I will assume you would like the base image only to add your own text later.



If you can credit me as a cover artist, it would be much appreciated.

Cover Design: Adrijana Cernic 


By purchasing covers on this website or otherwise using our Services, you are agreeing to all of the following Terms and Conditions

*Please read also the Q&A and the Terms of Service


If you have any questions or wish to order a custom cover contact me



Neither on Heaven nor on Earth

  • In additon to PayPal, 

    accepting payments through Wise.

    If you wish to purchase cover with Wise, plese contact me through web site or email

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