“Never stop dreaming, 
never stop believing, 
never give up, 
never stop trying, and 
never stop learning.” 
― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

Adrijana Cernic is digital artist and professional book cover designer with 7 years experience in work with Photoshop, from Croatia, Europe.

She grew up surrounded by books and comics, reading one after another, sometimes several at the same time, so came naturally to her to combine her love towards them with her passion for digital art. 

Adrijana is completely self-taught artist, perfectionist with vivid imagination. Driven with passion for art and fascinated with the possibilities of digital world she finished school for Graphic Design, as graphic publishing specialist, left her career with economy degree to start her own business as professional and independent book cover designer and digital artist, under her brand name Adriatica Creation.


Influenced with comic books, movies and video games, Adrijana creates unique, original, artistic and cinematic book covers enriched with colors, shadows and lights.

Her favorites are fantasy, mystery, adventure, sci-fi and supernatural covers. Fantasy worlds filed with magic lights, lovely creatures, adventurous heroes and brave warriors. 

She likes to tell stories with her art hoping that some writer will bring them to life and keep them alive for the long, long time...

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