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  • I will collaborate and communicate with screenshot images before the payment.

  • When orders are completed and full payment is received you will receive:  

Original image without text

Ebook coverhigh-quality digital copy, RGB, 300 dpi resolution  JPEG, PNG, and PDF files without watermarks.

Paperback coverhigh-quality printing copy, CMYK, 300 dpi resolution  JPEG and PDF files without watermarks (any additional print version will be charged $30).

Free 3D mockup 

Please note that RBG (digital) and CMYK (print) will look slightly different!

If you need anything else just let me know.

  • If you purchase my premade cover and your book is not finished yet, after the payment is received, you will receive an original image without a watermark. Once your book is finished, just let me know, and I'll work on the text and resizing.

  • I will accept any changes to my premade covers.

Small changes like hair or eye color won't require any additional costs. 

Changing that requires additional stocks like adding items (necklaces, wings, weapons, etc.) or models will come with a small fee.

  • Fonts are licensed for commercial purposes. 

  • You are not allowed to reuse or show unused or rejected drafts to other book cover designers. 


  • Let me know your title, pen name, tagline, additional cover text, and blurb if ordering the print version.

       I will also need your final page count and format/size. My standard format is 6×9 inches.

  • For best results, have your printing service provide me with a template (no need if you publish through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing).

  • Ask for a proof copy from your printer to check colors and paper quality ( I will not be held legally responsible for any mistakes your printing service might make or if any supplied information is incorrect).​​


  • Images used for your book cover designs are stock images from legitimate stock sites with commercial licenses.

  • The price for your book cover includes the right to use these images and is limited to a print run of 500,000 units and 500,000 e-book sales.

  • For unlimited usage, (merchandise, other print material) an additional fee is required (extended license).

  • If you have a stock image you’d like us to include on your custom design, I ask that you purchase a high-resolution file, and provide proof of where it was purchased and the license to use. 

Due to stock image providers' policy, you cannot sell items or give away promotional material, such as cups, t-shirts, bookmarks, etc… with just the final design of the book cover. To do so, you will need an extended license. Please contact me if you need one. 

However, you are allowed to create such items for personal use only.​​​​​


Your privacy is very important to me. Only pertinent information will be requested and used mainly for communication, identification, and billing purposes. Your information will never be given or sold to any third party.


The use, display, or claim of my design, WITHOUT FULL PURCHASE, is a violation and appropriate legal action will be taken. 

Any infringement will be reported.

I retain the right to display every artwork on any of my social media platforms as an artist/designer.

I reserve the right to decline sales or commission without further explanation.


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